The Las Colinas, Dallas TX, Engagement

Hey Guys!

We are so happy to finally share Lauren and Quentin’s Las Colinas, Dallas, TX, engagement session with you all. Ope and I have been blessed to know the Crawford family for some time now. Actually, Quentin’s brother, Brandon, was a groomsman in our wedding, in St. Louis.

Naturally, we flew to Connecticut for Brandon & Jennifer’s wedding, last year, and that’s when it happened. I connected with Lauren! You see, we have known Quentin for many years; he is practically family… But, oh my gosh guys, Lauren is so sweet!!!

She has the type of personality where she is shy in big crowds but when there are fewer people around, WOW, she. takes. over. (in the sweetest, most fun type of way)! Up until our time together at Brandon’s wedding, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to hang out with her. I’m so glad that ever since that point, we’ve become great friends. We click on so many levels (kind of scary hehe)!

If you know anything about Quentin. You know he is more well-rounded, than a soccer ball. When he’s not running complex engineering equations, he’s likely to be taking over a dancefloor near you. This guy is truly special! What a catch.

It was to my surprise when I got the text from Lauren asking us to photograph their engagement session. Excitement came over me. Ope and I have the most fun when we are photographing such loving couples, during their engagement stage. Having gone through this stage ourselves, we understand how precious and limited of a time couples have as “fiances.” Having Lauren and Quentin trust us to photograph such a special moment made us so grateful.

Lauren and Quentin, we enjoyed every second of this photo shoot with the two of you. From the sporadic dance movements Quentin shared, to the beautiful smiles from Lauren, we are so excited and grateful you choose us. We pray the two of you have many more moments filled with genuine love, laughter, and awkward dancing.  



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